Portrait of Liberty  LbNA # 57749

Placed DateMay 8 2011
Location2845 Home Road, Powell, OH
Found By tjlpayne
Last Found Jul 1 2016
Hike Distance?

This stamp was originally created for, and planted at, the June 5-June 25, 2010 Great Lakes Gathering 2010 “Changing the World, One Box at a Time" event at Jubilee State Park, Illinois. It was planted on the Australian/New Zealand/No. American Loop, listed as AtlasQuest Box #146692. It represents the 2007 American Eagle “Portrait of Liberty” coin.

This is an oversized (3-1/2 in diameter) stamp.

Enter Liberty Park, in Liberty Township, and park in a southern parking lot, somewhere in the vicinity of the Park Office building. Behind the building and its maintenance garage you will see a path leading into the woods. Enter the woods on the path and cross the Cherokee-red bridge. Follow the main path until you reach a second, similar, bridge. (If you exit the woods and come to the path’s end, you’ve gone too far.) After crossing the 2nd bridge, take a compass reading. Look 120 degrees (toward the left) and there you will see a slanting tree with a long log on the ground behind it. You’ll find Portrait of Liberty on the far side of the log where it intersects with another log, under debris. Please use stealth, and re-hide well.