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OwnerMistress V - Le Vampyre    
Placed DateApr 3 2011
LocationCornhill Cemetery, Jarrell, TX
Found By Sandy&Gary
Last Found Feb 6 2016
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Last EditedNov 7 2015

Watt Vandiver was a young boy born in Belgium. His parents were young and although they knew little about the New World, they were awed by the stories of the riches it had to offer. It wasn’t long before they had the desire to see this New World and make a new life there with their young son. The trip was uneventful and upon arriving in a port in the Louisiana territory, the family joined a group of travelers and made their way to the hill country of Texas.

The land was abundant and Watt’s father’s herding and farming skills helped them establish a thriving farm. The work was hard but young Watt was happy to follow in his father’s footsteps. They traveled to the local township of Jarrell to trade their wares with others in the area and it was not long before Watt met the woman of his dreams. She was fair and beautiful and lived alone on a nearby farm. As their relationship progressed, Watt soon found himself stealing away to spend the night in his fair lovers arms. He lived a life of bliss. Each time he asked his fair lover to become his forever, she would silence him and make love to him once again. As the time passed and fall approached, Watt decided to make her his wife and with a heart filled with love and joy, he rode out to her farm. It had been more than a week since she had last sent for him and assured that he would be welcomed as usual, he was very confident she would greet him with open arms.

As he approached his fair lover’s house, he noted that there was a horse in the corral. Perhaps she had visitors for supper. As he knocked on her door a young man appeared and asked what his business was there. He replied he wished to speak to his fair lover. The young man became irate and asked what Watt’s business was with his wife. Watt was immediately stricken with shock and anger. How could he have been such a fool and been deceived into having another man’s wife. He quietly replied that he wished to say “good-bye” and silently turned and walked away.

He mounted his horse and headed for the limestone lined hills… his grief all consuming. How would he live without her? The answer was simple, he would not! As he rode, night came upon him and he silently dismounted and shooed his horse away. He sat down below a lone oak tree and wept … his revolver in his hand. He was soon to take his life.

He suddenly felt the touch of a soft hand on his shoulder and turned to see the face of a lovely woman with sad eyes. “Why are you so sad son?”, asked the woman. Watt could not even form a reply his pain was so great. “ I can take away the pain that you feel and make you whole again, do you wish this?” she asked of him. He could only look at her and nod. She extended her hand to him and he allowed her to ease his pain and make him immortal.

The years began to pass and the pain subsided. Watt was immortal but his heart was lonely and he searched for someone to fill the chasm in his soul. He was assured that even immortals had the capacity to love and in time he would find the one who was his true soul mate. It was on a cold January day that he decided to integrate with the local townsfolk of Belton. As he walked through the market he felt a keen sense of need… something he could not understand or fathom. It was then that he felt her presence. As he turned and looked in her direction, he saw her there and immediately knew that this woman was his true mate. As he approached her, he could see in her eyes that she felt the same.
Watt had found his mate for life and Gracie (The Storm’s Grace) became his forever. While fate may have had a hand in changing Watt’s life, Gracie calls it their destiny.

Cornhill Cemetery, Jarrell, TX
Take I 35 to exit 274, Jarrell. From the north turn left and cross over I 35 and continue on County Road 312. From the south turn right onto Country Road 312.
Pass the Hay Shack. Turn left on County road 313. Cemetery will be on the right. Old Corn Hill.

Park near the middle gate (2nd gate) and enter the cemetery here. Proceed to the gate where the historical marker is located. From this gate walk into the cemetery on the driveway until you see a lamb on your left. Facing the lamb (12o’clock) turn to 8 o’clock and walk 23 steps. Here you will find Watt Vandiver. This is our Vampyre and so you must pay your respects and leave a small offering for his protection on your quest. Note the inscription on his marker “Our darling was wreaked here, but is happy over there, where there are no murderess's or home breakers.” Facing Watt (12o’clock) turn to 7 o’clock and walk 68 steps to a marker that has the phrase “She is now walking on the golden strand by the side of the River of Life”. (Afton A. Seymour). Facing Afton (12 o’clock) turn to 7 o’clock and walk to an angel who is feeding baby raccoons. Continue past this angel and continue until you find 1LT Herbert V. Hillery. At his feet you will see a pile of white rocks. Here you will find the box.

*** If you are the first finder, Mistress V has left you a Vampyre memento.

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