Owl's Hideout  LbNA # 57808

Placed DateMay 12 2011
LocationBear Creek Park, Medford, OR
Found By feeling froggy :)
Last Found Jun 18 2011
Hike Distance?

This is an easy find, but PLEASE be wary of onlookers. Use your super-spy skills to find and replace this box without being seen by others. Would hate for the box to turn up missing.

To find Owl's Hideout:

1)Go to Bear Creek Park

2)You know those free concerts they hold every summer? Go to the bandshell area.

3) Get up on stage. Look out at the "audience".

4) You'll see a U-shaped brick structure. Go stand on it.

5) Look back at the stage. Flanking the stage are two white "pirate ship masts" with finnials on top. One has a tree beside it. Ignore that one.

6) Look at the other one.

7) Now, look past it. Toward the creek. Look low. You'll see a fallen tree. A big one. That's where Owl makes his Underwood Hideout.

8) CAREFULLY replace all cover so that letterbox stays hidden from view.