Owl's Hideout  LbNA # 57808

Placed DateMay 12 2011
LocationBear Creek Park, Medford, OR
Found ByMerlandese (Attempted)
Last UpdateAug 23 2014
Hike Distance?

This is an easy find, but PLEASE be wary of onlookers. Use your super-spy skills to find and replace this box without being seen by others. Would hate for the box to turn up missing.

To find Owl's Hideout:

1)Go to Bear Creek Park

2)You know those free concerts they hold every summer? Go to the bandshell area.

3) Get up on stage. Look out at the "audience".

4) You'll see a U-shaped brick structure. Go stand on it.

5) Look back at the stage. Flanking the stage are two white "pirate ship masts" with finnials on top. One has a tree beside it. Ignore that one.

6) Look at the other one.

7) Now, look past it. Toward the creek. Look low. You'll see a fallen tree. A big one. That's where Owl makes his Underwood Hideout.

8) CAREFULLY replace all cover so that letterbox stays hidden from view.