Baqash Was in TN  LbNA # 57823 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 9 2011
LocationCane Creek Park, Cookeville, TN
Found By riverkat
Last Found Jul 13 2011
Hike Distance?

Just a short 3 miles from I-40. Enter Cane Creek Park on CC Camp road (no matter what your navigator or gps tells you).
Drive around past the playground and ducks and up the hill to the Educational Sign Trail, the place you begin.
As the clearing becomes near, veer off the pavement and onto the dirt, left,
then left again.
At the T go right
and just past 13 go left
and soon you should pass a graffiti tree
on to the fence line and follow it left.
If you miss the turn you will run into the Tee for 14.

As you approach the crest, step over the large fallen one if it is still there.
To the left into the woods #12 is about even with the deadfall. Just in case the tree is removed.
28 more steps and spy a keyhole facing the trail at the bottom of a tree.
Here lies Baqash.

A mere 60 more steps bring your back out of the woods near parking.
In fact there is a picnic table there you can use to stamp in.

If turned odd, the box can be difficult to remove and replace, not recommended for children to attempt.
In fact, due to its vulnerability, not preferred.
Even though the hole is not fully covered, with its cloaking device the box is not easily seen even facing the trail.
A SPOR will give away its location, so natural is the word of the day.

Happy Hunting
Enjoy the park.