Nature Club #1  LbNA # 57825

OwnerGray Cat    
Placed DateApr 29 2011
LocationOldsmar, FL
Found By geo girl
Last Found Aug 18 2012
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Nature Club #1

Bicentennial Park is located at 423 Lafayette Blvd, Oldsmar, FL 34677. It’s a nice park for bikes and scooters, basketball, tennis, and general playing around. Mobbly Bayou is an easy walk from here, with a nice ‘putting in’ spot if you have a canoe or kayak. But hold off on swimming – there are gators in the ponds and bayou.

After entering Bicentennial Park, turn right and park in the parking lot (near the tennis courts and playground.)

To begin your search, follow the sidewalk as it curves between the basketball court and playground. Continue to follow the sidewalk West along the pond until you reach Pavillion #2.

Go to the North-East corner of Pavillion #2.

Walk North-West 43 paces to the curved palm tree. (Beware – this tree is known by some as The Dragon Tree.)

Now continue walking North to the paved path.

Turn East and walk along the path to 2 pine trees on the right.

Now go South-East about 20 paces – you will pass through a circle of slightly burnt trees.

Continue South-East to the oak tree that splits into 3 trunks. At that tree, turn yourself around so you are facing North.

Walk North 6 paces. Look for the Letterbox on the ground among the palmettos!

Be sure to re-cover and re-hide the Letterbox carefully with branches when you are finished.

If you’re still in a Letterboxing mood, there is another Letterbox hidden nearby on the Mobbly Bayou side of the park. It is called Nature Club #2.