Point the way Home.  LbNA # 57848

Placed DateMay 17 2011
LocationKerrville, TX
Found By fmw/kbc
Last Found Oct 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Point the way Home.

This is a Redo of the Potted Cactus. The owner was from out of town and said that I could replace it.
However th orginal location was brush-hogged and can no longer support a letter box home.
So I moved it just down the street.
The Box is by the converted suspension bridge. It is now a walking path.
Take the sidewalk from the SouthEast side of 27 and Spur 98. Follow it under the new bridge and you will see the old bridge.
You want the Westend of the north Bridge. If you get lost go 90 degrees from the dead end sign.
Asphault will be your dead end. Watch out for the poison ivy, its near by but should not be a problem.

God bless and Letterbox on yall. BDF