Black Beauty: Parade of Books #20  LbNA # 57869

OwnerSunny Side Up    
Placed DateApr 18 2011
Location???, WI
Found By???
Last UpdateJun 25 2011


Carved by Archeofrog
Ink: Black!

“Black Beauty” is the autobiography of a horse. Through various owners who ask different tasks of Black Beauty, he grows and has numerous adventures. He goes from being a riding and carriage horse to being a mistreated town cab horse to eventual happiness in a secure home.

Head west from Stuart. Take 57 steps from the white line on the west side of C to a warning sign. Then take 63 steps to a tree with four large trunks. Look for Black Beauty by the large diameter broken post with a 6” diameter tree behind. When rehiding please make sure box is not visible from ANY side.