Strawberry  LbNA # 57886

Placed DateMay 21 2011
LocationPhoenix Mountain Preserve, Phoenix, AZ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 24 2015

STATUS:Box in good condition 1/17/14
Go to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve at 40th Street and Shea.
Look for the trail map and sign at the far end of the parking lot (farthest from the restrooms).
You will see a brown sign indicating the trail.
Take the path to the right of the sign which is bordered by a wire fence.
Continue on the path across a river rock bed.
Further on the path forms a "Y"
Continue towards the left at the “Y”. Roof tops are visible to the right.
The trail veers to the left.
Stop at the first skeleton of a saguaro cactus on the left. Approach the cactus.
On the left side, towards the back, you will see the exposed ribs of the cactus.
The letterbox is hidden behind these ribs.
Please remove and replace the box carefully so as not to disturb the ribs.


While you are enjoying the Preserve and the beautiful Arizona weather, check out the other boxes hidden in the Preserve: Mariposa (very close to where you are now), Flower Box, Moon Box, and Happy Face.