Coyote Erie  LbNA # 57888

Placed DateMay 21 2011
LocationErie Cemetery, Erie, PA, PA
Found By The Dunch Ladies
Last Found Aug 4 2011
Hike Distance?

The Erie Cemetery is at West 26th & Chestnut Streets. A coyote, fondly referred to as Maxine, has been living there since approx. Jan 2010. She is much more afraid of people than they are of her. She is easier to spot in the winter months.

This letterbox is hidden in the northwest quadrant of the cemetery. It is behind a tombstone and under a large rhododendron bush. The tombstone is extremely old, shaped like a pile of boulders, labelled with the name, "KIES." The Mayer Brothers Construction Company can be seen beyond the cemetery, to your left, as you are facing the front of the tombstone and bush.

If in a vehicle, pull off of the roadway as much as you can, although there won't be much room to do so.

Beware of the "water victims," Santa's distance cousins, and an ancestor of the secret identity of Ironman. They'll be watching you from nearby!

Please re-seal all bags and containers, and re-bury completely. Pen, logbook, and ink are included.