Pioneer Girls Box  LbNA # 57894

Ownerpioneer girls    
Placed DateSep 30 2010
LocationPrince Galitzin State Park, Prince Galitzin State Park, Patton, PA
Found By Sulley and Company
Last Found Sep 5 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 24 2015

Begin to find our box by taking the Shoreline Trail which is located behind cabin 7. Cross over a small bridge when you enter the trail (don't count this one as a bridge!). Continue on the trail, you will cross your first wooden bridge, continue on the trail to the second wooden bridge. Right after the second wooden bridge, have a seat enjoy the view of the lake! Look to the right to see a set of twin maple trees; about 15 steps and to the right, behind the tree, under the rocks, you will find the Pioneer Girls Box!

This is our first box we have placed. Pioneer Girls are four cousins who have fun camping and thought this would be a cool place for a box.

You should find this easily. Have fun!!!