A Country Butterfly  LbNA # 57932

Owner2-2 wheelers    
Placed DateMay 24 2011
LocationWaterford, PA
Found By 2-2 wheelers
Last Found Apr 30 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 4 2015

Dec. 4, 2015.....Box is not available. Removed because the snowplow would destroy it during the winter. Will be available again in the spring.
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This box was planted as part of Plant-a-Letterbox (PAL) Day...May 24, 2011.

I live south of Waterford, south of the fairgrounds on Old Rte. 19 North in a butterfly condominium along the side of the road just past the pine trees.

Please be careful of traffic although usually it's quiet here.

Also, please be careful to repack everything back in the LB and be sure to close and latch my door in case of inclement weather. Don't forget to log in your find on AQ and LbNA.