Easy as 1-2-3-4  LbNA # 57947

OwnerRobin Sbob N Bean    
Placed DateMay 21 2011
LocationMacRae Park, MacRae Park, Des Moines, IA
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It’s as Easy as 1-2-3-4
Box 1:
Start at the restrooms. Walk toward the creek. Turn northeast and follow along the creek until you find four mighty oak trees. Oak trees are amazing. We use the wood to make sturdy and beautiful furniture, their acorns provide food for squirrels and wild turkeys, and their outstretched branches provide shelter for animals and shade from the hot summer sun. Spend some time exploring these mighty trees for they also provide cover for what you seek. If you listen to the wind carefully, the wood fairies may whisper a clue or you could knock on their door and ask directions…

Box 2:
Go back across the street to the informational sign by the prairie or savanna. It isn’t a savannah in Africa, but a savanna. Find out what a savanna is by reading the signs along the MacRae Park Savanna Trail. What other Des Moines Park has the oddball species of purple milkweed (and a letterbox nearby it)? Soon, along this trail you will find a tree whose growing days are long done; its contribution is now nourishing the soil as it decays. Keep hiking and read about microclimates. The sign tells you how many key layers there are. Now look for that number of trees lying nearby. It is the one furthest to the right that will yield what you seek.

Box 3:
Continue on the trail to the left to learn about recycling. There you will find a recycled canister from Fuji or Kodak that is letterbox #3. Continue on carefully, cross the bridge to search for the final box.

Box 4:
Once on the other side of the bridge, leave the trail and go towards SW 9th and the water. Travel downhill to the park road (not all the way to SW 9th!). Turn your back to the hustle and bustle of downtown and follow the park road with your creek on your left to the stone bench of 1932. You may rest here. If you do the box is within arm’s reach and you could see it if you had eyes in back of your head.

To return to where you started, continue down the road.

Caution: Stay on the trail, mowed grass or along the roadway as much as possible to prevent exposure to poison ivy and stinging nettles.