Red Fern Bridge  LbNA # 5796

Placed DateMay 25 2003
LocationBufffalo, OH
Found By tresselcat
Last Found Jun 24 2007
Hike Distance?

The Red Fern Bridge letterbox is located in Sceneca Park. From 70 take 77 South. This is at the Cambridge exit. From 77 S. turn left to Buffalo.
Go thru Buffalo and follow the road until you see the Dam Bait Store on the left and the Sceneca Park signs on the right. Turn right here and cross the Dam. Continue to the Park entrance and turn left. There is a gate house. You may need to stop and tell them you'll be hikng or something. They were told about the letterbox. Continue on the same road until you see the Vacation Cabins sign on the right. This is just past the beach area. Turn right at the Vacation Cabins sign. Follow this road until it dead-ends. You can park. Take the path up into the woods Paths are marked with wooden signs. At the Overlook sign turn righ-up a slow incline of a hill. Walk about 1/4 Mile (do not take the outerloop path). You will come to a bridge over a creek bed. There are steps down to the bridge (3). Before going down the steps turn to the left. 25 small paces to the left is a medium size tree stump. Look into the center of the stump to find the box. container.
Please stamp my book and write where you're from!
The Red Fern Bridge is named by me, because my 7 year old nephew and I hiked to it about 20 years ago. He told me the story of Where the Red Fern grows and made me cry. We have hiked there every year together since then. This year I hiked there alone. I missed him. There is no sad ending here. He just grew up. i have not been to the site for a long time. I would like to be contacted if anyone sees my letterbox.