Remembering Friends  LbNA # 57962

Placed DateMay 22 2011
LocationNew Burlington Road & Compton Road, Wayne Township, OH
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Caesars Creek Burying Ground
Wayne Township, Warren County, OH

Getting There

Drive to the intersection of New Burlington Road and Compton Road.
Turn onto the road that says “No Outlet” (this is a continuation of New Burlington Road). You will come to a small parking area with a red Wilderness Area sign. Turn left; the road continues to the cemetery. There is another parking area at the end of the road, in front of the cemetery.


This Quaker Cemetery belonged to the Caesars Creek Monthly Meeting which began in 1805. The original members of the Caesar’s Creek Monthly Meeting had migrated from South Carolina to Southwestern Ohio to escape the evils of slavery.

The meetinghouse and large graveyard were situated on the west bluff overlooking the winding and beautiful Caesar’s Creek near Waynesville, Ohio. The cemetery is still in the same location, surrounded by a beautifully crafted dry-laid stone fence.

The meeting house was relocated to Caesars Creek Pioneer Village when the Caesars Creek Lake and Reservoir were created.


Walk up to the wonderful stone wall. The first wall you’ll encounter is the west wall. Stay outside the cemetery and walk north (left). You will come to two standing dead trees, where the mowing ends and the wooded area begins.

Where the standing dead trees intersect the wall, look at the wall about 2 tiers up from the ground. You will notice that there is a light-colored stone, loose and different from the other rocks. The letterbox is tucked behind this loose rock.

Please take great care with this stone fence while you retrieve and re-hide the box.