A Room of One's Own: Parade of Books #22  LbNA # 57967 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateMay 25 2011
Location???, WI
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Last Found Jun 25 2011
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This powerful book by Virginia Woolf is one of only two “textbooks” I still have from my college days. The central concept I remember from this book is that if Shakepeare would have been a woman, she would have gone insane from not being free to express her ideas, her gifts. One key to freedom for a female Shakepeare is having A Room of One’s Own.


Head to mile marker ten, then take the trail at sixty degrees. When you come to a side trail going south, take it for 56 steps (or 49 steps past a square post with a spike on its back side) to three logs that lay just to the east of your trail.

Please be stealthy in searching for and replacing this box. Status updates are appreciated. Happy trails!