Capt. Davis' Boots  LbNA # 57990

OwnerBoots Tex    
Placed DateMay 8 2011
LocationFort Boggy State Park, Leona, TX
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In an early Leon County newspaper story titled ďTales of Indian Fights, Run-ins with Danmedyankees in Later Days", an old pioneer named Joel Leathers recounted the following story:

My granddaddy was a Texas Ranger assigned to Fort Boggy to protect the settlers from Injuns, mostly the Keechi, who had a village about 5 miles north of the fort. His boss was a Capt. Davis, donít know his first name, but he had a brand new, custom-made pair of boots that he was right proud of, and he was known to strut around in them just to show them off. They were bright red with black toes and had fancy flowers and leaves stitched into the tops; one of a kind. One day my granddaddy, Ranger Leathers and Capt. Davis, wearing his fancy boots, were out patrolling the countryside when they were set upon by mounted Injuns. Mr. Davis was killed and Ranger Leathers escaped only by hard riding. The Injuns were after the menís horses, and were afraid of shooting for fear of killing the animals. Knowing this, granddaddy leaned over alongside the horseís neck and rode furiously. The Injuns even tried roping him, but failed and he made it back to safety. Later a party returned and found the body of Capt. Davis, with his boots missing. Years later, a meeting was held where a peace treaty with the Injuns was signed. My granddaddy was there and noticed that one of the Injuns signing the treaty was wearing Capt. Davisí Boots.

Mr. Leathers didnít elaborate and maybe he didnít know the outcome of that meeting, but I suspect that it didnít go well.

This park has no entrance fee but is closed on Monday and Tuesday. From the Leona exit on I45 go east on Hwy 977 for about 1 mile then north on Hwy 75 for about 2 miles to Fort Boggy SP on the left. Drive past the pavilion and park near trail head.

Go on trail to a T junction and go left on the pipeline road. When the trail splits, go right on the trail until you come to trail marker 31 on the left. Be vigilant, because 31 happens to be between markers 25 and 26 for some reason. On the right, across the trail from the sign, is a tent camping area, overgrown and out of use. The tent pad is bounded by landscaping timbers. Line up the near corner and the far corner and follow that line about 10 steps past the pad, then stop and take a compass reading of 80 degrees. Find an oak tree about 15 steps away in the woods. Capt. Davisí Boots are at the front base of that tree, under sticks and leaves.