Generic  LbNA # 58033

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateMay 28 2011
LocationMcManamen Park, McManamen Park, Gillette, WY
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 27 2013
Hike Distance?

July 19, 2013 Box is in place. These clues have been updated according to the construction that's taking place in the park. If more changes and the clues become incorrect please let me know so that I can update them.

This letterbox requires the ability to go on a short walk. And the ability to read things like words.

It is near a gun range, but don't worry, this short walk will not take you into harm's way. It is absolutely safe for any type of non-clumsy person.

Here are the clues.

OK. They aren't really "clues." Clues would suggest some sort of mystery was involved. These are just directions to a physical location.

Drive yourself to McManamen Park, located in the north area of Gillette, WY, just to the east of Bicentennial Park.

Park your car in the parking lot off of E Warlow Drive. This parking lot is the one with the big wooden McManamen Park sign.

Before exiting your car, engage the parking brake for added safety.

Use the port-o-let if you have to pee. Be aware that there is no way to extricate yourself from one of these things in a germ-free fashion.

Leaving the parking lot, follow the concrete sidewalk headed North. And slightly West. If you were cooking, you would be adding 1 part West to 5 parts North.

As you walk, you will pass a covered picnic area on your right and then walk over a concrete bridge (which has far less personality than its wood predecessor, but is ever so much sturdier).

After the bridge the sidewalk will go all wacky-crazy, first curving to the left and then back to the right like it just can't make up its mind. Before turning to the right, stop and look up the hill to the left (west). From here you can see several wooden signs at the top of the hill, so head up the hill towards them. You're going to have to walk through grass. Maybe even some cacti. This is called bushwacking. You can do it!

On top of this hill there are 4 large rocks, three of which are made of rock and one of which is made of concrete, which is mostly smaller rocks. And probably sand and stuff. Also on top of this hill are two signs, one about wheatgrass, one about blue grama. I don't know what blue grama is. I didn't read the sign. But you can!

Go to the rock that is closest to the tennis courts. If you are using satelite imagery this rock is very slightly the winner in the farthest-to-the-west contest the 4 rocks are having.

On the east side of this very special rock, you will find a small rock near the ground covering the letterbox. You might also find some dead bird parts. I left those there just for you.

When you are done with the letterbox, please hide it carefully as it was found. Then kick some dirt over it, pretending you are a cat trying to hide its poop.

Return to your car. Disengage the parking brake if necessary. Drive away, whooping and hollering, stopping at the nearby Kwik Trip if you need those little chocolate cakes with white piping on them as badly as I did.