Jack's Out of the Box  LbNA # 58044

Placed DateMay 29 2011
Location Chillicothe Veterans Memorial, Chillicothe, OH
Found By weezie1313
Last Found Mar 30 2012
Hike Distance?

To get to the Chillicothe Veterans Memorial go on Yoctangee Parkway and the Memorial across the street from the YMCA.

To start:
-Stand north of the waterfountain.
-Take a reading of 20 degrees.
-Then walk about 15 paces. You should now be in front of a bench.
-From the middle front of the bench take a reading of 175 degrees.
- Then walk about 30 paces. You should be at the SE corner of a memorial with a flag on it.
- Look UNDER everything around the memorial to find Jack.