Wyalusing 2011  LbNA # 58087

OwnerOutdoor Eds    
Placed DateMay 5 2011
LocationWyalusing State Park, Wyalusing State Park, Bagley, WI
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found May 25 2014
Hike Distance?

The sixth grade outdoor education class from Potosi Middle School placed four boxes for your searching adventures. We hope you can find them and enjoy the park in the process!

Box 1: Mississippi Barn
You are going to start at the parking lot by the Peterson Center. Follow the steps (trail) to a “Y” shaped stairs and walk to the lookout circle point. You are going to go east up a cemented path. Stop once the cement path ends. Continue up the hill for 37 paces. You are going to end up near the Peterson Shelter. Just from the white birth tree you should find a pile of fire pit logs north. Look there and you should find a camouflaged plastic container. Make sure to take time to enjoy the eagles!
Box 2
Begin at Peterson Shelter. Grab a bite to eat at the old fireplace. Travel north 34 steps until you’re on solid ground. Head west on cement path, go down stone steps and enjoy the view. Continue on the path southeast. At the Y in the road, go to Treasure Cave. GO down steps and through a split in rock. Go up steps to cave.
Box 3
1. Start at playground.
2. Walk across road past 2 grills.
3. Go onto path heading NW 300 degrees.
4. Follow path till you reach the fence, then head west.
5. You will reach a rock wall. Enjoy the view at lookout point, south along the fence.
6. Come to a fork at the road; go up steps. No treasure for you.
7. Follow until you hit lookout point #2.
8. Square steps.
9. Twin pines.
10. Past a big tree in the middle of road 24 paces.
11. 145 degrees Southeast will put you in a hole.
12. Watch out for snakes!
Box 4
1. Volleyball court.
2. Past playground.
3. Northeast 45 degrees.
4. Firepit to left.
5. A lone pine tree.
6. Enjoy the view overlooking the view of Prairie du Chien. See Cabelas!
7. Pass a white birth.
8. Follow woodline past stump.
9. Go past 2 fallen trees.
10. East 142 degrees.
11. 140 degrees from campsite, find a fallen tree.