Roan Mountain Griswolds  LbNA # 58177

OwnerRoan Mountain Griswolds    
Placed DateMay 28 2011
LocationRoan Mountain State Park, Roan Mountain, TN
Found By JA2TN - KJ4MBJ
Last Found Oct 8 2011
Hike Distance?

Take 143 through Roan Mtn. State Park to Carvers Gap. Park on right, and take approx. 30 min. walk/hike up the Appalachian Trail to the "Round Bald" sign at 5825 ft. Put your back to sign and walk forward approximately 36 paces to large outcropping of rocks. Turn 90* to your right and walk 24 paces to a single large boulder. Go to back side of boulder where you will see a loose stone with the box hidden in the crevice. This box was placed by a 2,4 and 7 year old child, and an 86 year old great-grandmother, so the walk is possible for most. Take your camera, because the views of Tennessee and North Carolina (not to mention the rhododendron)are amazing!! Enjoy!!