Mr. Puzzle Box  LbNA # 58189 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 24 2011
CountyLos Angeles
LocationPickens' Canyon Park, La Crescenta, CA
Planted Byanna perry    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Aug 17 2011
Hike Distance?

MY LETTERBOX went missing!!
Start: get off the 210 freeway at Foothill Blvd.
Start: getting off the 210 freeway at Foothill Blvd.
1. go north onto Ocean View Blvd.
2. turn left onto Foothill Blvd.
3. Go to In-n-out Burger (keep driving on Foothill Blvd. until you see it)
4. buy a burger if you are hungry
5. go to Albersons across the street
6. buy groceries if you are in need of them
7. get back onto Foothill Blvd.
8. Go back towards Briggs (Briggs is a street)
9. Go to Picken's Canyon Park (note: it is just to the right of Briggs; it's a VERY SMALL park!!!!!!
10. At the park, there is a big rock in front of the last rosemary bush in the very back of the park. (it is hidden underneath rocks)
11. After finding it, please re-hide just how it was.
P.S. if you found this lettterbox before, you may come find it again because it is in a different location. :-)

I hoped you enjoyed finding Mr. Puzzle Box. Don't harm him or I'll come find you. Dun.dun.dun......