Still Hope for Spring  LbNA # 58211

Placed DateJun 7 2011
LocationJacksonville, TX
Found By jb kokopelli
Last Found Jun 11 2011
Hike Distance?


A tisket, a tasket
Come find my pretty BASKET
Go behind the LONE STAR
But don't go too far
In the little spanse quiet and TRIM
You will find this lovely STEM


Go visit the place described above and park.
Go to the gate, but don't go in.

Turn to your right and follow the bushes to the right front corner. Look from there out to the woods in the distance. Begin walking to the woods, walking as straight a line as you can. When you reach the edge of the woods, you will see a dead tree that looks to be permanently windblown in the direction you just came from. Step into the woods to the right of the windblown tree. You will see fallen tree debris around, but you will only see one tree that has fallen onto another tree in the immediate area. At the base of the fallen tree is more rotting tree debris. Look beneath the debris.

(If you are from out of town and need a clue, get in touch with me)