The Pastry Queen and Beau  LbNA # 58221

Placed DateJun 9 2011
LocationRather Sweet, Fredericksburg, TX
Found By sagittarian seeker
Last Found Sep 4 2011
Hike Distance?

Rather Sweet is located in downtown Fredericksburg at 249 East Main Street. The bakery is a popular place for delicious food, especially the fabulous desserts. Occasionally you will see the well known dog Beau who is large, white, and beutiful

Clues: Go to the courtyard of the bakery. Walk up to the fountain. Looking southwest is a two trunked tree. Walk to it. Look around, if Beau is there he will be lying on a black mat. If not look for a white picket fence that often has the mat in front of it. Walk to it. At the fence turn towards the tree in front of you. Look to your left and there is a wire fence and redish brown pole. The Letterbox is placed at the base of the pole and fence covered in ivy.