Happy Day Trail  LbNA # 58230

Placed DateJun 10 2011
LocationSycamore Park, Glen Rock, NJ
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emBARK on your happy day.
Walk along on the log, and you are on your way. Skip “home”, “first” and run to “second” now.
Face home and turn right, you know how.
Two gaping trees reveal a trail,
get there quick, don’t be a snail!
Run to the court where 2 points can be scored,
choose the one on the right and stand under the board.
Take the path less traveled on.
Get there quick before it’s gone.
Walk to one of the largest fallen trees,
walk along it if you please.
Saunter over to the slanted tree;
make sure it does not fall on thee.
Follow the path of rocks,
for they will be your building blocks.
Look for the sharp, pointy, tree –
that will bring you closer to me.
Walk around the fallen wood, you will find it –
or at least you should.
On a happy day you did embark,
and now you’re here so leave your mark.