Giddyup Series  LbNA # 5826 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 28 2003
LocationOlmsted Township, OH
Found By Safari Man
Last Found Mar 11 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 16 2015

*****RETIRED as of 4/21/07*****
(three gone missing again!)

Rated: Easy - mainly flat terrain, though I would be cautious with young children as the trail follows the rim of the valley.
Time: Approximately 1 hour
Note: please bring inkpad and pencil - some of these are microboxes.

This series is located around the Lewis Road Riding Ring - part of the Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. You can reach this by taking the Columbia Road (Rt.252) exit off of I-480. Go south on Rt. 252. Take a left (east) onto Butternut Ridge. Take another left onto Columbia Road (the old Columbia Road). At the first light, take a right down into the Valley (Rocky River Reservation). Take the first right onto Lewis Road. At the top of the hill, you will see a large field on the left, the Lewis Road Riding Ring. Park in the parking lot.

You will notice a gravel bridle trail to the left of the field and riding ring. Follow this trail. This bridle trail will intersect the the trail that curves around the right side of the riding ring. From this intersection, walk 19 paces east on the bridle trail. You will notice a small path to your left. Follow this path into the woods for 18 paces. Look approximately to the 10 o'clock position. You will see two similarly sized trees. Looking between these trees you will see a Y shaped tree behind the trees. Look behind the Y tree's base for your first box.

Return to the bridle path and head east again. Just before the bridle trail bends to the left, you will see another path heading into the woods on the left. Enter the woods. Immediately on your right is a 'triple' tree. Find your second (micro) letterbox tucked in the tree's cleavage. (Visible from the bridle trail is a 'Pine Tree' Trail Marker on this tree.)

Return again to the bridle trail, and again go east. When you come to the 'Y' in the trail, take the left trail into the pine forest. You will notice a 'RR3' trail marker on a tree on the right hand side of the bridle path. 58 paces from the entry into the pine forest is an X made of fallen trees to the right of the trail. 2.5 paces beyond this point you will see to your right a small tree stump. Walk to the stump. Hidden on the east side of log pointing from the stump in a NE direction, find your 3rd (micro) letterbox.

Continue along the bridle path. When you reach the hill taking the bridle path down into the valley, take the secondary path off to the right. Follow this path down into a small gully and up the other side. Pass under a fallen tree. Pass by a rather bulbous tree on the left. Continue to follow the trail around the rim of the valley until it is heading in a western direction. Eventually you will come to a path nearly as wide as the one you are walking on heading off to your right. Take this path. You will notice a natural archway made of a bent tree. Shortly after the archway is a red leaning tree. Look just north of the stump under a fallen tree to find the Pine Tree Letterbox. Replace carefully and continue on this path - it will take you back to the bridle path in the pine forest. Turn right back onto the bridle path (into the pine forest).

This time when you reach the hill down into the valley,
bear left on the path along the rim. You'll pass an
amazing display of erosion - note the fallen tree down
below across the small gully. Pass by a rather red stump.
You'll come to a small clearing with a nice view of Cedar
Point Hill across the way (I think) and the bridge crossing
Rocky River. 66 paces from the clearing is a 6' tree stump
at 170 degrees. With your back to the trail, to the left
you will see a tree snapped off near the ground against
its stump. Find Box 5 near the stump.

Back to the path and continue, bearing to the left
eventually when you see a 'Y' with the right hand trail
heading downhill. This path will take you back to the bridle
trail. Turn right and head back to your car!

Happy trails!