East End Prom Picnic (Rain or Shine!)  LbNA # 58276

OwnerMad E    
Placed DateJun 13 2011
LocationFort Allen Park, Portland, ME
Found Byk.and.o (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 21 2012


This is our First Letter Box!

Inside you'll find a stamp of one of our favorite activities.

Drive, walk or bike to the Eastern Prom. Just around the bend find where Morning street meets the eastern prom. You'll see two cannons pointing toward Peaks Island. Just below is one of my favorite picnic spots, because I love the breeze, the view of the fort, ferries and sailboats, the smell of the water, the sound of the flags in the wind. Most of all I love that I can still picnic here in the rain or drizzle, because of a great structure just at the bottom of the hill. When you find this octagonal building, my letterbox will be under the steps. :)

Have a fun time and I hope you enjoy the park.