Ashes  LbNA # 58296

Ownerthe checkpointz      
Placed DateJun 15 2011
LocationDecatur Cemetery, Decatur, GA, GA
Found ByGApackrats
Last UpdateNov 6 2014


Team name: The Checkpointz


Enter the cemetery from the back, near the Glenlake park. Turn left on the first road you meet. Turn right when you reach McCain, and walk across the grass.

Keep in line with the water spigots, and donít disturb the graves. Keep an eye out for 3 black Stuebings and a white Luther. Keep going straight until you meet a fork in the road.

Turn left, and then stand by the sign saying section 14. Facing the fork, turn left. Youíll know youíre on the right track if you pass Smith and Bell. Peel off the road at the stone steps you will see to the left about ten paces from Kent.

Turn right, and then walk the pea gravel path. You will pass 4 stone walls. Sit on the bench, and enjoy the sound of the chimes if itís a windy day. Look to your right. The treasure youíve been seeking is located on the inside corner of the wall under the brush.