Tree Search  LbNA # 58297

OwnerDaniela & Ryan    
Placed DateJun 15 2011
LocationDecatur Cemetery, Decatur, GA
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Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 7 2015

Tree Search

Go to the Glenlake entrance. Go to your right—if you see a trashcan continue straight.

At the end of the road you will see two roads. One to the left and one straight continue straight.

You will see bushes and a big tree, if you see that you are totally right, continue straight.

You will see a stone with the name Riley you are so close. Continue very straight.

When you see stairs on your left you will continue 28 steps straight, look to your left if you see a tree you found our secret.

Once you finished putting it back in the hiding place to the next person.

Thank you!!

Hole letterbox

Go to the Glenlake cemetery entrance go to your right and you should see a trashcan.

Go to the middle road then go straight you would see section 11 and section 10 go to section 11.

Then you will see a lot of holes in the ground in one are our secret.

Ones you finish put the letterbox back and covered up for the next person.

Thank you!!