The Cat's Gaze  LbNA # 58301

OwnerThe Alpha Doughnuts    
Placed DateJun 15 2011
Locationdecatur cemetery, decatur, GA
Found By ABC Express
Last Found Jul 29 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 7 2015

The Alpha Doughnuts

The Cat’s Gaze

Enter from Glennlake Park. Take the right at the entrance and go to the place where 3 roads meet. Go in the direction opposite from the park. Go up-hill, past Williams on a white stone. Go right to section 10.

Pass a stone large and dark will be on your left labeled Adams. Once you reach the highest point on the hill you will see the colors on stones Brown, Green, and Black on the left. Take the road towards the setting sun. Pass the building on the left. A little further you will see a rock.

Where the roads split take the second part of 15. Pass the chair in front of Hayne with an amazing view of the pond. On your left you can hear wind chimes if you listen. Keep heading down the hill until you get to where 4 roads meet.

Enter the oldest part of the cemetery, down the pea-gravel road. Ahead you will see a small area of grass with cut-down trees and rocks to your left. Cut across this clearing.

When you see a black sign walk 50 paces along the path to the left. You may be able to see the sky blue head of a cat. Walk to the cat. Follow its gaze and look towards the earth to see L. W. Fowler.

There is a tree to your right it may hold the prize you are looking for. Remember to place it where you found it so others can find it later.