Woodland Bird  LbNA # 58305

Placed DateOct 10 2010
LocationLewisburg, PA
Found By The 3D's
Last Found Aug 19 2013
Hike Distance?

Our daughter loves birds, and she gave one a home at the base of a tree. But he likes his privacy and you’ll have to decipher this to find him. You’ll have to find the trail and then the spot; the clues are all here; see encrypted clues at the bottom.

Find the creek (clue 1) named for an animal that never lived in the area. Find the parking area just off the road (clue 2) for the trail near the steel grate bridge that spans the creek. There is an information kiosk with pamphlets. Take one with you and read all of it, because it contains clues and will help you find this letterbox. A conservancy(clue 3) has established a trail (clue 4) that begins along the creek. The trail is named after an Irish immigrant wheelwright who served in the Northumberland Militia in the Revolutionary War. He built the Federal style house from limestone quarried from the property (the quarry is still there) on the hill overlooking the property and the creek. The house later served as a stop on the Underground Railroad and is haunted by the ghost of an escaped slave who died in the house enroute to Canada. Caution; if you see the house, it is a private residence and is not open to the public.

The trail was built and is maintained by the local historical society. There are numbered posts on the way. The one you are looking for(clue 5) marks the “beginning of woodland with a lack of understory. These woodlands are older than surrounding reclaimed pastureland that is full of dense shrubby growth. It’s an old growth stand of oak, hickories, and ash as well as an extremely healthy sugar maple population. Why is it here? Did the landowners selectively cut this forest? Does the soil favor this species?”

At the post walk south across the trail and into the woods about 10 steps. Watch for poison ivy!

If while on the trail you come upon a three-sided mound of a former lime burn just past the numbered post, you went just a little too far.

Encrypted clues:
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u
g t y u r e c v b d p m o l q f x k h n z

v w x y z
a s i w j

2. hnkgstkbucr
3. Orkkbmm S. Mbll
4. Ugmr’h Kbucr
5. 3 x N= XY where X+Y=N, N is the number you seek