The Domino Box  LbNA # 58322

Placed DateJun 15 2011
LocationWagner Park, Pewaukee, WI
Found By 2beachlovers2
Last Found Jun 26 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 7 2015

The Domino Box

Go to Wagner Park. Park in the lot and find the playground. Make sure to count how many rungs there are on the monkey bars. Keep that number in mind. Then start from the swings and head straight west. The pond will be on your right and you will head to the stand of trees directly in front of you.

Upon reaching the stand of trees, you will bushwhack through the grasses heading towards the tall willow in front of you. Upon reaching the willow, you will proceed along the edge of the left edge of the pond and head towards the split rail fence in front of you. Upon reaching the fence, cross the road and get back on the trail. You will walk on the left side of the pond and upon reaching the first trail intersection, you will procced straight (do not turn right).

At the second trail intersection, you will turn right. In a few short moments, you will see a BIG rock off to the right side of the trail and you will see a bench on either side of it. You will stay on the trail and will notice lines of rocks in place to help with water run off. Coming up on your left, you will see an in ground pool, and then ahead on the left side of the trail a small power outlet box (green in color) will show itself. Look carefully for this power box as at certain times, tree branches can hang down and cover it.

Stay on the trail, but line yourself up with the power box and proceed forward for _______ paces. You will determine the number of paces you must go forward by multiplying the number of monkey bars you counted at Wagner park times 5. Go forward this many steps. You will notice a small opening in the trees and ground cover on your right. What you seek is located under the branches and brambles of a fallen tree.

The shortest way back to your car at Wagner park is to proceed straight ahead on the trail and get on the road. Turn right on the road (Fieldside) and follow it back to Wagner.