The Unicoi Unicorn  LbNA # 5833

Placed DateSep 28 2003
LocationHelen, GA
Planted ByComputerBob    
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This box has been reported missing by several people. Please do attempt to find this box until I have had a chance to replace it.

This letterbox was planted for my daughter Jennifer whose favorite toy as a child was a stuffed Unicorn.

Unicoi state park is just north of the town of Helen on GA. 75. After turning right into the park access road, you will continue straight to the first parking lot on the left (just before the lake). There is a small fee to park here.

Exit the parking lot at the far end from where you entered. You will notice a yellow blazed trail leading off to the left of the paved sidewalk. Follow the yellow trail around the lake passing the public swimming/boating area. You will be looking for a sign that reads "Lake loop trail" to the right and "Shelters x & y" to the left. The x and y will be the shelter numbers and you may want to write these down as they are a clue to finding another of my letterboxes. For this exercise you don't care what these numbers are. Take the left trail toward the shelters. You are walking along an inlet of the lake, looking for a small stream and gully that intersects on the right. The far side of the gully is a solid rock face. Turn right along this stream and head up the gully until you come to a fallen tree that blocks the stream. Follow the tree to the left across the stream until you come to a soccer ball sized rock next to the tree. The Unicorn is hiding behind the rock under another flat stone. Reach in from the right side and please replace the leaves when you are done.