Rescue Me Ohio  LbNA # 58333

Placed DateJun 15 2011
LocationBellevue, OH
Found By Sailmaster
Last Found Nov 2 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 2 2015

This series is dedicated to those who risk their lives every day to protect us and meet our emergency needs. They are primarily dedicated to the Fire and Rescue departments,Police, and EMS. Happy Hunting.

The location of this series begins in Bellevue, OH in the southeast part of town. Find the main entrance of the Bellevue Cemetery on Center St. This street used to be a short connection between Monroe St. & Southwest St. but it is now only accessible off of Monroe St. Once you pass through the main gate, travel straight in past the first set of drives to the 2nd set and bare right. At the next drive turn left and stop and park in front of the speaker's podium. Get out and with your back to the road and facing the podium, look to your left. You will see a line of bushes that runs approximately east to west. Go west along these bushes. 13 is unlucky for most but for you it will hold inside it the 1st of Rescue Me.

After placing the 1st letter box back carefully, stand on the south side of the bush and take a heading of 210 degrees. You will see a gazebo across the way. Walk toward it till you reach the drive. Turn left and follow this drive on down and around the curve to the next intersection. Go left at the intersection and look to you right for Robertson. Behind Phyllis is a little round bush. You'll find the 2nd in this series nestled in it's branches. Remember to replace it securely so it won't be discovered during normal care by the grounds keeper.

Standing beside Walter along the edge of the stone, face in the direction of 50 degrees. Walk 75 steps straight in that direction. If you reach the next drive, you've gone too far.
Count your "Blessing" and "Gallup" (Anna Marie)to the left. Look in the bush behind 43 for Rescue Me number 3.

All letter boxes are in round containers and in a black end of a stocking to help disguise them. Please be as diligent when placing them back to hide them securely and out of site.