Here Comes the Sun to Troy  LbNA # 58334 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFredwina Sassington    
Placed DateJun 17 2011
LocationHistoric Thomas Cemetery, Troy, OH
Found By froggymama3
Last Found Apr 4 2012
Hike Distance?

Take County Rd. 25-A to the intersection of Swailes Rd. This will be immediately across from Waco airfield, south of Troy. Turn onto Swailes Rd., heading west. You will come to a subdivision called Creekwood on the right side of the road. Immediately before turning into this subdivision, you will see a sign and a designated drive for “Historic Thomas Cemetery.” Turn right onto the drive and follow it until you come to the cemetery. There is a small parking area which is where you will need to park.

From the parking lot, walk up the small stairs on the right side of the lot. From the top of the stairs, walk straight ahead up the hill to the tree that seems to made up of three trees. Search this peculiar tree for “Here Comes the Sun to Troy.” Please be sure to recover well and reseal all baggies.

Note -- this was not the original placement of this box. We moved it because of the presence of poison ivy in the original locale! (Or, at least we think it's poison ivy.)