Candy Kame  LbNA # 58335

OwnerCaribbean Dreams    
Placed DateJun 17 2011
LocationSlinger, WI
Found By Caribbean Dreams
Last Found Sep 4 2015
Hike Distance?

This box is on the Cedar Lakes Polk Kames segment of the Ice Age Trail. Looking for this box will enable the hiker to experience several of the Polk Kames, a part of a geological phenomenon in the area called a cluster of kames.

Directions: Take highway 41/45 north of Menomonee Falls, traveling north. Past Holy Hill Road, the two highways branch off. Stay left and take highway 41 to the Slinger exit #66 for Highway 144. Get off on Highway 144 and go right (north) for .4 miles to Highway NN. Turn right on Highway NN and go east .4 miles to the trailhead parking area on the right side of the road.

Total hiking distance for this letterbox is about 4.4 miles, which includes a loop trail. You will need a compass.

From the parking area, head south on the icy trail that is marked with the lemon drop topped lolly pops. At the map, turn right and continue on the icy trail. Cross the bridge over the molasses creek. You may want to stop and sit and rest on the giant Boy Scout candy bar. Then continue on through woods and fields, following the lemon drop lolly pops and crossing a very large candy corn field.

Continue on through woods and fields, passing another giant Boy Scout candy bar that you may want to sit on. Right after this, you may want to stop and read about the icy trail. You might want to read it Now or Later.

After the sign, you will enter the Land of the Giant Gumdrops. You will cross two bridges, and notice a Giant Gumdrop on your right, then later another one on your left. You will cross yet another bridge. As you hike along, notice the giant licorice whips hanging from the trees. Then you will come to a sign where the trail splits. Continue straight ahead on the yellow Ice Age Trail.

After awhile you will come to a sign that tells about the Giant Gumdrops. Continue on past the rock candy pile on the right, and hike some more to a curvy bridge, which you will cross. You will come to a sign where the trail splits again. Go right on the trail the color of sugar, over yet another bridge, and contine to climb up the trail the color of sugar until you reach a Very Panoramic View. Notice the two metal licorice sticks in the distance. From the Very Panoramic View, the trail eventually goes right, and then near another bench, it goes back into the woods. After a short walk in the woods,you will reach another giant Boy Scout candy bar(bench)on your right. Sit on it and think about your favorite candy. Then, from the bench, backtrack about 35-40 steps on the trail, the same way you came, to the post you just passed with the white arrow. From the post, face 140 degrees and walk about 10 steps to a group of fallen tree branches intertwined on the ground. Here you will find what you are looking for.

To return, go back to the bench and then continue Northeast on the white trail for awhile, until it crosses a bridge and then ends in a T intersection. Go left (North) and take the yellow Ice Age Trail back through woods and fields again to your car.

We would appreciate an update on this box. Thanks!