Hoops  LbNA # 5834

Placed DateSep 28 2003
LocationDahlonega, GA
Planted ByComputerBob    
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Last EditedOct 7 2015

This letterbox was planted for my son Kyle whose favorite sport as a child was basketball.

Starting at the Amicolola state park visitor's center you are looking for the approach trail to the Applachian trail that starts behind the center. The approach trail is a strenuous hike and you should plan on 2.5 hours (roundtrip) on the trail.

The first part of the trail leads up to the Falls parking lot. The approach trail exits into the woods at the right side of the lot. There are a number of large rocks here the border the parking lot at this end, you may want to count them as they are a clue to another of my letterboxes. Soon after leaving the lot you will cross a paved main road and then climb a set of gravel steps on the other side. You will see a sign under a large Dogwood tree, you may want to note the year that the Dogwood was planted as this is a clue to another of my letterboxes. After a long uphill climb you will come to what seems to be the top of the mountain, there is a clearing and a fire-ring to the right. This is just a plateau however, the top of the mountain is another 10 minute hike ahead of you. As the trail levels off for the second time you will come to a long flat easy walk among large hardwoods. You are looking for a tree that has fallen from the right side of the trail and is leaning against two trees on the left, you will have to duck under this fallen tree. Do not cross this tree, turn around and backtrack N steps. To figure out the number N you will need to get the clue from "The Unicoi Unicorn". That letterbox has a sign "Shelters x & y". Take the two digits from that sign and form the two digit number xy. For intance, if the sign reads "Shelters 1 & 2", you would form the number 12 and then walk 12 steps back from the fallen tree. At this point you should be standing next to a large tree with a large exposed root in the trail, site 140 degrees and take N steps. You get the number of steps by adding together the digits from the Shelter sign, in our example this would be 3. You will find Hoops behind a tree under some bark at the base of the tree.

Since the Unicoi Unicorn is temporarily missing, please use the "Shelters 3 & 4" information in the description above.