Father's Day 2011  LbNA # 58369

Placed DateJun 19 2011
LocationWallace Park, Louisiana, MO
Found By Dr.Love
Last Found Jun 7 2012
Hike Distance?

Happy Father's Day 2011

This is my Dad and I's second letterbox. Our first one was on Father's Day last year.

At Wallace Park in Louisiana, MO is a path around the ball fields. You will want to take this path to find our letterbox. You may want to take notice of the field marked #1 Lions field, because this letterbox is located past its outfield. If there is a ball game going on just tell those taking money you are not there to watch the game and you should be let in for free.

If walking counterclockwise around the path after you see the soccer fields on the left you will notice a large sycamore on the right. The tree is just beore the rock bed in the ditch separating Cunningham Field from the park. At the base of tree on the opposite side of the path you will find a hollow space in the tree covered by three guardian stones.

Included in the box is also a camera so my Dad and I can come back next year to see all of the wonderfull people who came to visit our box.

Don't forget to hide carefully and replace the stones. If any are missing then you can grab a new one from the rock bed.

Thanks for checking out our box! If you would like to hit up another check out our Father's Day 2010 box also located in Louisiana.