Secret of the Quercus Falcata  LbNA # 58386

OwnerStinger Sleuths    
Placed DateJun 15 2011
LocationShort Pump Park, Richmond, VA
Found By mouse nanny
Last Found Jul 6 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 25 2015

Owner L.A.D.

This box is located at Short Pump Park.

Start at the playground. Go to the baseball field next to Short Pump Elementary. Once you are there, turn right next to the baseball field fence. Walk on the path until you see a vine hanging from a tree. When you get there, turn right. Keep walking until you reach a sign in front of a tree that says, “Southern Red Oak Quercus Falcata”. Then decode the following clue:
First word 23rd letter of the alphabet, 2nd letter in Falcata, 3rd letter in Falcata, 3rd letter in oak.

Second word 2nd letter of the alphabet, 6th letter in Southern, 5th letter in Southern, 9th letter of the alphabet, last letter in Southern, 4th letter of the alphabet.

Third word 6th letter in Falcata, 5th letter in Southern, 2nd letter in Red

Fourth word 4th letter in Southern, 4th letter in Quercus, 3rd letter in Quercus, 6th letter in Southern

After you have decoded the directions do as they say. Look closely or you may not find it.

Once you have the letterbox, open it. You will find a stamp and a logbook. If you have a stamp, stamp it into the logbook, and write the date you found it. Once you finish, place the letterbox in the exact same place you found it.

Please don’t take the letterbox or anything inside it!

Good luck!