Water Fall House  LbNA # 58410

Placed DateJun 22 2011
LocationLyles, TN
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Hike Distance?

To find Water Fall House, travel to Hwy 7 in Hickman County. Go about 2 1/2 miles from the red light and turn right on Brown Hollow road. Another 2 miles and you will make a left onto Cavander Branch Road. (This is a dirt road and it will get kind of rough) After turning onto Cavander Branch road, travel about 4/10 of a mile and you will cross over a small stream. After that, you will see J & R Valley ranch on your right. You will cross the creek 3 more times and come to a concrete bridge. Dogs will probably chase your car. The dog man lives here. After the bridge, you will cross the creek 4 more times and should see a barn on the left hand side of the road. Cross the creek another 4 times and there will be a small A-frame house on your left. Don't worry, your almost there. A little way down the road is a house that is built close to the road. There is a waterfall in the back. It has an elevator inside rather than stairs. Park and walk accross the metal bridge above the waterfall. Continue up the path and over the wooden bridge with the bench. (This is a good place to do your stamping) Past the bench, the path goes up toward a small bluff. When you reach the bluff, the letterbox is hidden on the other side of the big tree covered by rocks.