Morocco  LbNA # 58459

Placed DateJun 30 2011
CountyOther International
LocationFes, MOROCCO, INT
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Oct 4 2014
Hike Distance?

Fes or Meknes
If you like to see Roman ruins you must visit
this site - Volubilis.
This is about a 40 minute drive from Meknes by
shared grand taxi. It will cost you 10DH per passenger
and 10DH to enter the ruins. This is about $1.20USD
per person, what a bargain. Most visitors spend from
one to two hours at the ruins. If you are with a tour
group you will have to make a brief escape.
Find the House of Venus which has the best mosaic
floors. A tall skinny tree is located here which
you cant miss since its the only one around.
About six steps lead down to the trail,
walk down these steps and to the right of you
is a big rectangle boulder. You will be about
10 feet from the tree. Under the boulder remove
some small rocks that I had placed to hide the
box. There should be a crushed blue Arabic drinking
can under one of those rocks, if you found it this
is the spot where the box is located. Replace
everything as you have found it and hopefully
the box will last here for a very long time.
Watch out for muggles.