Espana  LbNA # 58461

Placed DateJul 8 2011
CountyOther International
LocationMadrid, SPAIN, INT
Found By terpsechorean girl
Last Found Aug 29 2013
Hike Distance?

Prado Museum
Madrid Spain
21JUN13 Alive & Well

Locate this very popular museum.
From the ticket office and once you are at the
entrance look above. At the top there is a garden
cut like a maze, walk up and toward the back and locate
the last two trashcans before you can walk down
the back stairs. Walk down the aisle where the cans are
located and sit at the corner where you can peer down
and see the entrance location and people inside the
museum. This corner bush contains the box, reach in
and you will see the black sprinkler and the square
box is located next to it. Make sure to bring a napkin
as most likely the box would have gotten wet.