Zumbrota #2, Books, Art and Firemen!  LbNA # 58488

Placed DateJun 23 2001
LocationZumbrota, MN
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Sep 7 2011
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Zumbrota #2 Books Art and Firemen!

From Zumbrota #1, return to Main Street. Walk down Main Street to Main Street Pharmacy/HealthMart. When I was a child it was the Drug Store and there was a soda fountain and ice cream parlor inside too. Mr. Lee would make the best sampler ice cream cones – one scoop of each flavor in the store! There are many unique gifts and card in the store. Shop around and get a Zumbrota souvenir. Then proceed to 4th Street, cross Main (going East) and proceed up the hill. At the Corner of East Avenue and 4th Street you will find the State Theater. Many hours have been spent here watching movies and concerts. It is now in a restoration process.

Turn left and go north on East Avenue. At the end of this block you will find Andrew Carnegie’s building. The story of this building is in the letterbox which is hiding in the bush to the right of the standing rock in the Crossings gardens. Crossings is an entire Arts Colony in a building. Be sure to spend some time there. When you leave Crossings, turn left again on 3rd (heading back towards Main Street) and visit the old fire station/City Hall which is now the Zumbrota Area Historical Society. There are so many neat things about Zumbrota it should be in a book! Wait! It is! Find it in the Historical Society!

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