Zumbrota #3 Three Sisters  LbNA # 58489 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2011
LocationZumbrota, MN
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Sep 7 2011
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I am so sorry that this box is gone. I will replant when I can figure out how and where to put it so that it is not easily accidentally discovered.

Zumbrota #3, The Three Sisters

From Zumbrota #2, proceed south on East Avenue. At 4th and East Avenue you will find the Congregational Church – lovingly referred to as the Congo Church when I was growing up. According to “Zumbrota: The First One Hundred Years 1856-1956” the first worship services in this building were held on May 23, 1868. Improvements and additions of 1880 brought the building to its modern configuration as you see today. Churches play a great part of life in Zumbrota. During my days here there were at least 7 town churches and at least that many more in the surrounding country.

Continuing south 2 more blocks you come to East Park. This park is central to my family history. My father was born in a house facing the park on 6th street, 190 E 6th. My first home in Zumbrota faces the East park sign. Many hours were spent here in the swings and slide and hiding among the great trees. Notice how the pines are drooping? I wish I knew what kind of tree these are - I would love to plant some at my house now.
Many improvements have been made to the park - the band shell is a re-placement of a former shell – many Music in the Park nights are held each summer with various bands playing for our enjoyment. The swings and playground equipment have been updated, and many huge rocks for climbing have been added. The prettiest addition is the Healing Garden. Find yourself there and wander through the plants and tiles and stones.
Find the broken time stepping stone; in the bush at the head of this stone is the 3 Sisters Letterbox.

Please rehide the letterbox where you found it. I may have to re-position it during the winter when the flower bushes die back - If you find it and winter is approaching and it is too much out in the open, please reposition it for me in a nearby bush and send me an email with the new location.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Zumbrota – the only Zumbrota in the world –
I can’t imagine that my little town is unique in it’s stories and fun facts - learn some from your town!