Higgins Point  LbNA # 5853 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2003
LocationCoeur d 'Alene, ID
Found By A-Bear (&J-Bear)
Last Found Nov 20 2007
Hike Distance?

Canadian winters bring deep snow and sub freezing tempertures to bald eagle habitat. Their prey disappears. They leave their nesting areas to migrate south to a milder climate.

Higgins Point is one of the many wintering grounds along eagles' annual migration routes. As they migrate, they become more social, often congregating at these grounds. The area of rocky shores, submergent gravel beds and unique water ecology are the lure for the abundance of eagles. Additionally, an ample supply of small land locked salmon, rugged topography, dense tree growth and a mild climate make this an ideal wintering spot.

During November, the kokanee salmon in Coeur d 'Alene Lake begin to spawn and die. This coinsides with the arrival of the eagles. Their numbers increase thru December with populations peaking between Christmas and New Years.

To Higgins Point:
From I-90 East-Take the 3rd Coeur d 'Alene exit, Sherman Ave, and it's a straight shot over Sherman onto Coeur d 'Alene Lake Ave. Continue to the end of the road.

From I-90 West-Take the Sherman exit, turn left onto Sherman, go under the highway. The next light is Coeur d 'Alene Ave. Head east to the end of the road.

To find Baldy:
You will find information about your prey and an easy paved path to send you on your way. Up the hill next to the lake is where you want to head but stop halfway instead. Here you will find an aid to see like an eagle. Look across the lake and you will see at 200 degrees magnetic, a tall tall tree. Isn't that the way all cell towers should be? Continue up the hill and at the top, take the east trail, now unpaved. After the bench (don't stop now, you're almost there) and two stumps to the left look for crossed logs and a rock at the nexus. Here is where you'll find Baldy, but don't let him fly away, put him back so the next boxer can find him another day.