Running Boy  LbNA # 58535 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2011
LocationColumbus, 43214, OH
Found By MonkeyAround
Last Found Jan 1 2012
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Running Boy

There once was a boy who loved to run, he always greeted those he cared about with a hug and a kiss, and he loved Thomas the Tank Engine. Let’s take a journey with this little boy by visiting some of his Thomas the Tank Engine friends.

Enter Un!*n C3m3tery west, and turn left immediately after you pass the office. Drive south and curve to the right at the next street. Park between two large oak trees.

To hear the “Rumble” of the trains walk 12 paces at 120 degrees from the tree on the south side of the road.

Thomas’s best friend is a “Green” engine named Percy, continue past one large tree at 270 deg and stop at the second tree. Continue on for another 25 paces in the same direction to find this good natured friend.

To find “Thomas” (first name) continue at a heading of 295 deg for 26 paces.

Turn to your right and proceed at 5 degrees across the street to find our friend “Henry” (first name). Henry loves to run fast too. Look straight ahead and “Running Boy” will be to the left of the small gap in the hedge.

Please re-hide carefully.