Jonas' 5th Birthday Letterbox  LbNA # 58557 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 25 2011
Location885 Warwick Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ 07421, NJ
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Jonas’ 5th Birthday Letterbox

Enter through the main gate at Wawayanda State Park located at 885 Warwick Turnpike Hewitt, NJ 07421.
Enter through gate; state park price is $5.00 weekdays and $10.00 weekends from the weekend of Memorial Day through Labor Day.
After you have driven through the gate follow the main roadway to a small bridge. There will be a left - right after the small bridge with a large sign facing the other traffic flow saying Group Campsite Area. Take that left and park in lot next to the bridge. There should be a boggy, marshland area to your left and a park bench to your right. (If you pass this left you will come to the main activities area - beach, fishing/boating area - then you have gone too far. Turn around and drive back; then turn right when you see the Camping Area sign.)
After your turn park in the parking lot across from the bench. Ahead of you there should be a long road/trail. You will hike/walk along this road for 15-20 minutes (may be shorter or longer, if you have or have not kids). You will come to an old, iron Furnace on your right and two porta potty’s ahead on the trail (that look like two very small buildings).
Head up and to the left over a bridge toward the campsite area. You will come directly to a fork in the road. Bear right at the fork.
The first campsite you will come to is campsite 3 then campsite 2. There should be posts with the campsites numbered on it.
Stand at or in front of the campsite #2 post.
Look Right from the Campsite 2 post and find a tree stump in the shape of a - Y. Go to the Y-stump and look down the path toward North/West. Continue in that direction down the rocky trail. (This trail will loop back to the porta potty’s.)
Keep your eye open for 2 yellow diamond trail markers on one tree on your right.
Up and to the right, behind the 2 yellow diamond markers are quite a bit of large flat stones. To the right of the large flat stones is an off beaten trail. Follow this trail for about 30 steps up and over the hill. Bear right down off beaten path.
Then STOP and look to your right. On your right hand side there are about 3-4 medium sized trees with stones/rocks leaning against their bases. At the base on about the third or fourth tree there are stones/rocks. Search around the stones and behind them until you find what you seek.
It might take a few minutes to find the tree because there are similar ones near it but the letterbox you seek should be easy enough to find. You can spot the bag behind the rocks by looking hard enough. Please re-place the letterbox the way it was found.
Have fun exploring the stream. We actually saw a snake snatch a fish out of the stream so be aware of snakes. The crayfish were fun to catch. Good luck in your searching.