100 years and till strong  LbNA # 58647 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLizard lady    
Placed DateJul 1 2011
LocationSavannah, GA
Found By FungusWoman
Last Found Jun 12 2012
Hike Distance?

This box is missing. But the boots are still there. Go figure.

Juliettle Low started girl scouts in 1912. So Girl Scouts is celebrating their 100th anniversary this coming year. To honor this, my troop decided to set a letter box near where it all started.

Start where it all started, the home where Juliette Low was born. While you taking pictures of the building outside, you might want to go across the street in the island area between the roads for a better shot. There is a memorial here too which is interestin and across the street is another memorial to mark an old jewish cemetery which is under the road!! Oh well. Looking back at Juliette's home to your right are large trees lining the street on the same side of the street that you are on. Mosey down to the fourth tree and burried behind this massive tree is the box. Be careful of being in view of people and traffic. When we planted this, we actually could see some boots in under the shrubs too. Some homeless persons by chance? Hope they don't disturb the box.

Replant well so it doesn't look disturbed. Thanks.
Go Girl Scouts!