Land or Lake  LbNA # 58654 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 4 2011
LocationHot Springs, Sunnybrook Landing at Carpenter Dam, AR
Planted ByThe War-Gans    
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Travelling to Sunnybrook Landing Boat Ramp at Entergy Park may be accomplished by either ‘Land or Lake.’ It is an easy walk of approximately .3 miles on asphalt/gravel.


Lake Hamilton: Lake Hamilton is a man-made lake from the Ouachita River. It is 7200 acres and approximately 18 miles long.

Carpenter Dam: Carpenter Dam is one of two dams constructed by Arkansas Power and Light (now Entergy) for the purpose of generating electricity. It was completed in 1932 and created Lake Hamilton. AP & L president, Harvey Couch, named the dam after his friend, Flavius Carpenter. Carpenter was responsible for selecting the site of the dam. In 1992 Carpenter Dam was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sunnybrook Landing: Sunnybrook Boat Ramp is the original site of the Sunnybrook general mercantile. The store was part of the work camp created by AP&L in the 1920’s during the construction of the dam. There was a need for the work camp because of the limited access to the dam site at that time. The work camp housed all construction workers, and was a self-sufficient village (bath houses, mess hall, church, and hospital). Construction took two years and at the height of construction during the fall of 1929, nearly 1000 men were employed on-site.

Entergy Park: AP&L donated to the city the 30 acres on the shore of Lake Hamilton adjacent to the dam for the purposes of creating a nature park. The land was the original site of the work camp for the dam workers. The layout of the roads in the park is based on the original roads the workers used in the camp.

Directions to Sunnybrook Landing Boat Ramp at Entergy Park by Carpenter Dam:

From Land: Take the Carpenter Dam Road Exit (Exit # 7) off the 270 by-pass in Hot Springs. When you exit, head West on 128. A couple of miles down 128, turn right onto Entergy Park Xing. Take an immediate left on Park Drive then immediate right into the parking lot of Sunnybrook Landing. Go to lower lot to park.

From Water: Motor to Carpenter Dam on Lake Hamilton and dock your boat at the Sunnybrook Landing courtesy dock.

Clues to ‘Land or Lake’ Letterbox:

Start off by walking to the asphalt trail and follow the ‘Pavilion on the Point’ signs. When you reach the point on the trail where the asphalt continues to the right but the trail turns to gravel towards the left… head left on the gravel. At this point, Lake Hamilton and a bench will both be on your right. Continue up the rock path to the pavilion. Facing the wide opening of the pavilion (garbage can on your right), walk along the outside of the pavilion to the second support post. With your back to the support post, walk 5 steps toward the lake. Look down at the lake. You will see two boulders. The lb is under the first boulder which is about 10 feet long, half way down to the lake, and jutting out. Take the small path to this boulder. The lb which is really a waterproof pouch is under boulder on lake side. Be sure to take time to explore the park & dam.