Cat Lost In Park  LbNA # 58662

OwnerRamen Lamb      
Placed DateJan 9 2011
LocationAzalea, St. Petersburg, FL
Found ByOhio snowbirds (Attempted)
Last UpdateFeb 24 2014


I hid this stamp in the Azalea Tennis Court area because I had a cat that went missing around there and wanted to hide my first one in honor of her.

"Welcome" to the Azalea Tennis Courts. Follow the sidewalk on the right to the end. Notice the common number of objects you pass; benches, poles that light the courts, tennis courts. Walk through the palms and past the water, to the power source. But caution, danger lies ahead, retrace "common": steps to the cat hiding in the pouch. (The stamp has two sides to it.)

People have been having trouble, so, if it helps it is in a black ductape pouch.

(Nothing was listed saying permits were required for placement.)