September Seagull  LbNA # 5868

Placed DateSep 22 2003
LocationCoos Bay, OR
Found By kimbalaya
Last Found May 23 2015
Hike Distance?

Parking: Plenty of space even for RVs. No fees.
Hike: easy, flat on faint trail along Oregon Coast Trail a very short distance, about a 1/8 mile. Strollers with big wheels Ok but keep a tight hold on the kids and the dogs due to cliffs.

Note: Oct. 11, 2011 Debbie P a letterboxing angel has refortified this oldie of a box with a new log book and a good box cleaning. My thanks to her great job!
I believe the box is a "Decon" surplus box we found at an Army surplus store. If you make sure that the lid is snapped all around then it is water proof.It might take several snaps to properly close it. And please keep the baggie sealed.

Directions: From Coos Bay/Charleston follow signs to coastal beaches and parks: Sunset Bay, Shore Acres and finally Simpson’s Reef. The reef is home to hundreds of Sea Lions and what a racket they make.

After parking and watching the Sea Lions start your short search for the letterbox.

From the northern end of the parking lot find the entrance to the Oregon coast trail and its faint overgrown path.Do not cross the road to find the entrance to this path. Approximately 130 paces from the entrance take the first left turn on the trail. Twenty-three paces from this turn you will come to the 3rd large tree on your right from the last turn. The letterbox is on the south side at the fir tree’s base under bark and cones. Debbie has advised that the area is heaviy overgrown and the view on the other side of trail is now blocked by bushes. It is too dangerouse to check out the view here but move further down on the main trai for the views. THERE ARE NO RAILINGS AT THE END OF FAINT TRAIL SO BEWARE!

Have fun finding this relic of a box...